Lamborghini's 1991 Countach Heads To Auction For Over $360K


During a 2017 auction at RM Sotheby’s, a 1987 Lamborghini Countach was sold for over $500,000. Fast forward just a year, and the auction house has yet another Countach on the market; this time it’s a 25th anniversary edition the car, and the starting bid for this ultra-luxe vehicle will set you back a whopping $360,000 USD. 

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This particular edition the Countach was first unveiled by Lamborghini at the 1988 Grand Prix in Monza, Italy, and boasts an impressively chic white exterior with contrasting red interior, which chromatically resembles the speed and power this rare vehicle. 

According to RM Sotheby’s, the car has only had three owners to date, and accumulated a mileage 2,150, which essentially brands this car as like-new. This Countach was first delivered to a prospective owner in July 1991, before being transported to Germany into the loving care its second owner in 2014. It has since remained in storage and racked up a scant two kilometres before being sold to an owner who had the vehicle imported to Lithuania. 

Peep some images this rare Countach below:

Lamborghini's 1991 Countach Heads To Auction For Over $360K

Lamborghini's 1991 Countach Heads To Auction For Over $360K

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In other Lamborghini news, the Volkswagen-owned automaker recently unveiled its version an SUV, which was a radical departure from the company’s trademark ultra-sleek sports cars. Some viewed this move as the company’s attempt to insert themselves within the fastest growing market in the auto industry, the SUV.