Lamar Odom Is Still Trying To Win "Angel" Khloe Kardashian Back, Thanks Her For "Wiping [His] A*s"


At the start of last month, former NBA star Lamar Odom announced the release date of his new book, Darkness to Light: A Memoir, as May 28th. Since the memoir’s reveal, never before details which touch on subjects such as: the highs and lows of fame, Odom’s struggles with drugs and alcohol, his marriage with Khloe Kardashian, and his dreams of a brighter future, have been divulged. Odom has used the opportunity of opening up to try to win back ex Khloe, making multiple statements during interviews about his “regrets” towards cheating on his ex-wife, wanting to reach out but fearing being “rejected,” as well as calling her the “love of his life.” The attempts led Khloe to eventually send a text to Lamar. 

Recent news from the Daily Mail sees another candid discussion from Odom discussing the ex couple’s ill-fated relationship, with Lamar admitting that he lost “an angel.”  The basketball star, 39, spoke to chat show host, blogger and budding actress Diana Madison on the Hollyscoop set at Obsev Studios about his book Darkness to Light and his struggles amid his 2013 split from the star. Lamar fell into a coma back in 2015 after a bender in a brothel, and at the time, Khloe had taken care of him, and nursed him back to health, prompting Odom to say: “I had an Armenian angel, I had a great wife and hadn’t treated her well. I never had the opportunity to tell her how thankful I was for wiping my a*s.” 

Lamar Odom Is Still Trying To Win "Angel" Khloe Kardashian Back, Thanks Her For "Wiping [His] A*s"

 Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Khloe had originally filed for divorce on December 13, 2013, and both parties signed the paperwork in July 2015 however it needed final approval from a judge. In 2015, however, Lamar’s near-fatal overdose saw Khloe sticking by him during his recovery – delaying the divorce proceedings. She filed for divorce from Lamar for a second time and it was finalized in December 2016. Odom expressed how he had “never had the opportunity [after he came out of the coma],” to thank Khloe for caring for him during his recovery, explaining: “it was hard for me to express any kind of empathy,” at that stage in his life, continuing that he had “messed up. Hopefully I can make it up.”

He issued a message to his ex, saying: “Thank you Khloe for everything you did to me, hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to show you face to face.” Speaking about the prospect of Khloe taking him back, Lamar went on: “Well I am just a better man, and I am trying to be the best Lamar Odom everyday. Romantically I would be in a lot happier place, be satisfied.”