Lala Anthony Says Kim Kardashian Is In “Good Place” Amid Family Controversy


When bombarded with public opinion your husband’s actions and one your baby sisters is dealing with a cheating boyfriend while caring for a newborn while the other swats away rumors that her baby’s father isn’t who she says it is, things can get a little hectic, even for a Kardashian.

But, according to Lala Anthony, Kim Kardashian isn’t let all that affect her too much and is actually in a “good place” despite the barrage headlines. It was while out at an event at the Arm & Hammer House in New York City, that the “Power” star and personality said that her friend was doing really well.

“I was just with her the other day! She looks amazing, and we had a great time hanging out in New York,” Anthony, 38, told Page. “She looks hot — the hottest she’s ever looked. I mean, did you see her Met Gala look? She shut it down …] You don’t look that amazing if you’re not in a good place.”

Seems like good news all around especially considering the fact that Lala Anthony has been making some headlines for more positive outlooks surrounding her marriage to NBA star Carmelo Anthony. While this year saw news the couple’s pending divorce, new reports suggest that despite a separation, the couple doesn’t plan on making things ficial with divorce papers just yet. They’re instead choosing to see how things pan out, keeping their 10-year old son in mind.