Lakers Minority Owners Are Reportedly Fed Up With Jeanie Buss


Ever since Jeanie Buss took over the Los Angeles Lakers in 2013, they have been a disaster of a franchise. In that time, they have the worst winning percentage in the NBA and haven’t had a single winning season. That was all supposed to change this season with LeBron James at the helm, although they ended up missing the playoffs with a record of 37-45. There has been plenty of talk about Buss’ leadership and her role in Magic Johnson’s sudden departure from the team.

During an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show, Los Angeles Times reporter Bill Plaschke called in to talk about the Lakers hiring of Frank Vogel. He also explained how some of the minority owners are upset with Jeanie Buss and how there is a possibility that they could stage a coup.

“Obviously, she’s never going to sell herself, but remember she took this team over in a coup. … So this team can be taken over in a coup,” Plaschke explained. “But I don’t see that happening until at least they see that what happens this summer and what happens next year. But, no. People are upset.”

If the Lakers don’t have a strong offseason, perhaps the minority owners will have even more reason to stage such a coup. As of right now, there are no official accounts of dissatisfaction with Buss, although, with all of the criticism being thrown at the Lakers right now, it’s not a surprising notion.