Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma Gives Detailed Explanation For Puma Signing: Watch


Kyle Kuzma has been building quite a profile for himself as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. During the Anthony Davis trade, Kuzma was a name that was thrown around a lot but because of the Lakers’ love for the young star, they vowed not to trade him. For the last two seasons, Kuzma has been signed to a sneaker deal with Nike but yesterday, it was announced that he would be signing with Puma.

After showing off his brand new logo, Kuzma sat down with Nike DePaula of ESPN and explained why he wanted to go with a brand like Puma. As it turns out, Kuzma was looking for more creative freedom.

Per Kuzma:

“The No. 1 thing I was trying to look for was a little bit more control, a little bit more freedom to do things. Not being restricted from an idea standpoint. Having a brand fully commit to me and seeing that I have my visions too.” said Kuzma. That was the main thing — the meeting was more about me. It was pretty much, ‘What do YOU want to do?” Kuzma explained. “I wanted to go to Puma, not only for everything that I’ve got going on, but to do some things within this community like Nip did.”

With Kuzma locked into Puma for five years, he will help serve as a brand ambassador while they continue to bring new basketball models to the fold.