Lakers’ Jared Dudley Responds To Josh Hart’s Issues With The Trade


Former Los Angeles Lakers guard Josh Hart recently opened up about his issues with the organization after revealing that he first found out he’d been traded to the New Orleans Pelicans through twitter.

After taking some jabs at the Lakers on his “LightHarted” podcast with teammate Lonzo Ball, Hart took to twitter to clarify his gripe with the team, specifically how he wished they had called him to alert him of the trade. 

Sacramento Kings point guard De’Aaron Fox seemed to agree with Hart’s stance, as he quote-tweeted: “Tell us to keep it real till we keep it real.”

That’s when 12-year veteran, and current Lakers forward, Jared Dudley chimed in with his experiences in the league. According to Dudley, players rarely receive phone calls before trades are announced. 

“I’ve been traded 3 times since I been in the league and only once have I got a phone call before new broke, and that was pre social media. That’s not the nature of this business, just like finding out where your getting drafted before hearing from the team.”

Dudley added, “GM call the league to make the trade final. Multiple people know about the trade before it’s goes down and front office/agents leaked it to who they want. It’s not wrong but hopefully the organization calls you after to thank you for everything you did for them..”

Hart, and the rest of the Lakers-turned-Pelicans, will get a chance to go up against their former team for the first time on November 27, as the Pelicans host LeBron James, Anthony Davis and co. at the Smooth King Center.