Lakers Are Reportedly Interested In D’Angelo Russell, Considered Longshot


D’Angelo Russell was ousted from the Los Angeles Lakers a couple of years ago after a very public dispute with his teammate Swaggy P who got exposed by Russell for cheating on Iggy Azalea. While you’re probably still processing that sentence, it’s important to note that Russell has improved immensely as a player and was a stud on the court for the Brooklyn Nets this year. As we head into the offseason, Russell is a free agent and could be left without a team if the Nets sign both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

With that said, Russell has expressed interest in returning to the Lakers and according to Zach Lowe of ESPN, the interest is mutual, although it’s still a bit of a longshot.

Lakers Are Reportedly Interested In D'Angelo Russell, Considered Longshot

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

“There is at least a kernel of truth to the Lakers’ interest in a reunion, sources say, but L.A. has a lot to sort out,” Lowe wrote, adding that the Knicks could be a factor too. “Russell fits the Knicks’ timeline in case they strike out on bigger fish, but all indications are that New York will pursue short-term deals in that scenario, sources say.”

Should Russell end up with the Lakers again, he will give them some much-needed perimeter shooting that was sorely lacking last season as the team missed the playoffs. A team with Russell, Anthony Davis, and LeBron James would instantly become a title contender.