Lady Gaga Relaxes On Her Private Jet From Vegas, Shows Off Pink Ponytails: See Pics

Looks like a star was reborn with pink hair. Lady Gaga showed off her latest hairstyle on her Instagram stories yesterday (Nov. 10) while leaving Las Vegas.

She posted up in a private jet, puckering her lips with a crooked "I Got Tipsy in Las Vegas" champagne flute with the caption, "Is it me or the glass."

Her red lipstick and pale pink plaid shirt made her pink ponytails pop, while her Haus of Gaga Haus facials ensured her and her friends a laid-back flight before the 33-year-old singer's highly-anticipated reunion with her French Bulldog Asia. 

Gaga first went pink back in October, and has been rocking the fun hue ever since.

Check out Gaga's new pics below.