Lady Antebellum Overcome National Anthem Mishap Like Pros During Stanley Cup Playoffs


The 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playfs are currently underway, and for Saturday's matchup between the Nashville Predators and Winnipeg Jets, Lady Antebellum were tapped to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

The award-winning trio (Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood) put their spin on the national anthem during Game 5 the Nashville series, and everything was going well until Kelley got ahead one the lyrics — but Scott quickly swooped in and saved the day. 

Kelley powerfully belted out the first stanza the anthem solo, then Scott joined him on the second set lyrics. As they sang together, Kelley skipped over the line “o’er the ramparts we watch” and led right into the next part the anthem. Scott then set the group straight by singing the correct lyric — and from there, Lady Antebellum harmonized the rest the song beautifully.

While there were a few laughs in the crowd, the pressional fix also led to resounding cheers. The band even got a few laughs in themselves after the anthem was over. In a charming Twitter photo, Scott consoled Kelley as he hid his face, while Haywood shrugged it f. They perfectly captured the moment with an accompanying caption: “Welp. We’re human too y’all.” Kelley also apologized for messing up the line, stating that he’s sung the anthem a thousand times.

Welp. We’re human too y’all –‍♂️–‍♀️–‍♂️ We’re still rooting for ya Preds!!! #smashville

— Lady Antebellum (@ladyantebellum) May 6, 2018

Sang the anthem a thousand times, sorry for messing up one the lines. Prob won’t sleep tonight now. ——–. #GoPreds

— Charles Kelley (@charleskelleyla) May 6, 2018

Watch as Lady Antebellum play the moment f like pros in the video below.