Ladies’ Code Go for Throwback Vibes on ‘Feedback’: Watch the Music Video


K-pop girl group Ladies’ Code returned Thursday (May 16) with their new song “Feedback.” It’s the act’s first single in over two and a half years.

A retro-infused electro-pop track, “Feedback” has a bright and funky sound built upon groovy strings and clapping beats, and is propelled by the trio’s smooth harmonies as they confidently express how they’re waiting for a response from the object of their affection.

According to a description on the song’s music video, it’s a throwback sound meant to be perceived as a reinterpretation of Ladies’ Code’s early songs from 2013 and 2014, including “Bad Girl” and “Pretty Pretty.”

The song comes along with a music video that showcases Zuny, Ashley and Sojung’s maturity and sensuality as they perform the song with charismatic choreography. The trio most recently released their single, “The Rain,” in 2016.

Watch Ladies' Code's "Feedback" video below.