LA Synth-Rockers Sleeplust Urge You to 'Showcase Your Scars' on New Single 'Unfiltered': Premiere


The latest single from L.A. up-and-comers Sleeplust finds the quartet writing a gorgeous song about embracing your less-than-gorgeous moments. 

“‘Unfiltered’ centers around our society’s obsession with only showing our best on social media and wanting to feel and see something real from people,” guitarist Mike Pepe tells Billboard. “Show more what’s really going on,” urges vocalist Amber Ruthe. “Because everyone is way more similar than they think and they aren’t alone. Connect in the flesh and swap battle stories while showcasing your scars.”

Behind such a rose-colored mission statement, the sonics Sleeplust’s new track rise to the occasion. Ruthe’s voice explodes into a propulsive chorus, with a crystaline, computerized soundscape — now a Sleeplust trademark — providing the backdrop.    

“'Unfiltered' is the brainchild Sleeplust collaborating with Celeste Tauchar (FRENSHIP, talker) on melody and lyrics and Luke Sanchez and Sleeplust bassist] Joseph Pepe on production,” Mike Pepe continues. “We finished writing and recording it in North Hollywood at my studio and I mixed it.”

Adds drummer Sarah Luffred, “This song stands out to me because the rhythm and groove.” 

Listen to “Unfiltered” below, premiering exclusively on Billboard. For more, check out our coverage  Sleeplust’s previous releases: 2018 single “Burning” and last year’s Missing Pieces EP.