L7 Teases Upcoming Reunion Album: 'We're Gonna Have Plenty to Bitch About'


It's been four years since L7 has been back in active duty, and with two fresh songs already released ("Dispatch From Mar-A-Lago" and "I Came Back To Bitch") the group is honing in on its first new album in 19 years.

Frontwoman Donita Sparks tells Billboard L7 has written four songs so far and plans to hunker down on more after its latest tour, which kicks f July 21 in Houston and wraps up six days later in Montreal. "We'll have all August and part September to write, and then we'll get back into the studio," Sparks says the project, which L7 is partly funding a PledgeMusic campaign. The two singles out now, meanwhile, are indicative what the rest the album is likely to sound like.

"People ask why we came back. I came back to bitch — THAT's what I came back to do," Sparks says. "That's what I do, y'know. They're a bit tongue-in-cheek but very much for real, very much L7's tone. We like to deliver our anger with a little humor, and vice versa." Sparks actually wrote "Dispatch From Mar-A-Lago" early during Donald Trump's presidency. "I wanted to get that out before he was impeached," she says. "We thought that was gonna be in October, at the latest, last year. Lo and behold, he's still in there."

Sparks doesn't anticipate the new album being out until early 2019, however, primarily because issues in the vinyl manufacturing world. "I love that you can finish a track and release it that night (digitally)," she explains, "but now people want vinyl. And now that all the vinyl factories are closed, you have to get in a queue that's four months long to get vinyl manufactures. Even if we were to finish the album tomorrow, which we're not, it would be a four-month wait time. We're in weird times, so we're going to record in September-October and the album will be out in late February or March."

And Sparks — who's also playing in Lou Man Group, a Lou Reed/Blue Man Group tribute group — promises there will likely be more social and political commentary in the set's other songs. "I'm not worried about having something to say; The only thing I'm worried about is paying for it and distributing it," she notes. "But I'm not worried about the creative part it; I feel with L7 we have a very strong identity, and we have three writers in the band, so we're gonna have plenty to write about — and bitch about."