Kyra Green’s Pre-‘Love Island’ Musical History, From ‘Kidz Bop’ to ‘America’s Got Talent’


The U.S. “Love Island” finale airs Wednesday night on CBS.

On CBS' U.S. version of Love Island, contestant Kyra Green lists her occupation as a musician — but what exactly does that mean?

Turns out, the 22-year-old has had plenty of experience in the music industry, as well as on camera. From Kidz Bop to her current band, here's everything we know about Green's music career (so far).

Kidz Bop

Green was cast as a Kidz Bop singer in 2010 at age 13 and appeared in several of their music videos. In an interview Green did with YouTuber Anthony Padilla in March, she revealed that the experience "taught [her] everything."

"They worked us," Green said. "We had 12-hour days on set with constant dancing, constant interviews, behind the scenes, fittings for the next shoot. … It showed me how to be on the grind."

America's Got Talent

In 2013, her band 212 Green — Kyra alongside her siblings Tori and Riley — auditioned for season 8 of America's Got Talent . Though their performance of Adele's "Rumour Has It" got significant praise from Mel B and the other judges, the band did not make it through to quarterfinals.

212 Green

However, AGT did not stop the Green siblings. They still make music as 212 Green today, having released a new single, "Throw That," on July 9 — just in time for Love Island's U.S. premiere that same night. On their Instagram page, the band has also teased a forthcoming EP.

Love Island

Though Green has not been particularly outspoken about her career on the show, love interest and fellow musician Cashel Barnett hinted at her career with his parting gift. Before leaving the villa, Barnett gave Green a guitar pick necklace, calling her "musical and very very special." Green wasn't far behind Barnett: She was voted out of the villa by America on Monday night's episode.

Catch the season 1 finale of Love Island on Wednesday night (Aug. 7) on CBS.