Kylie Jenner Previews New Travis Scott While Flaunting "Kybrows"


Never have hip-hop fans watched a “Kybrows” and with such an attentive gaze. Ever since the union of Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner manifested two years ago, many have come to view them as a power-couple of sorts. Of course, there does exist a sense of wariness where all matters Kardashian-adjacent are concerned, though true love can and will conquer all. In any case, Scott has been having the run of his life, welcoming a new daughter, a critically acclaimed album, and a ridiculously lucrative tour. Now, with the world in his palms, Scott is free to plot out his next move. 

Kylie Jenner Previews New Travis Scott While Flaunting "Kybrows"

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

As it happens, Kylie Jenner has a role to play in all of this. Taking to Instagram, Kylie broadcast a new ad for her “Kybrows,” scored to the sound of an unreleased Travis Scott banger. The track seems to feature a sample from “Tiny Tim,” or a singer of a similar cadence. As for the production, it appears to be picking up where “Yosemite” left off, albeit more subdued and stripped down. The lyrics suggest a “thug luv” effort, in which a stoned Travis and a sober Kylie rediscover the depth of their connection. Perhaps Scott has already begun working on his Astroworld followup, and this is an official first-look. Either way, it’s something for the fans. 

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