Kylie Jenner Kicks Off 22nd Birthday With A Humble Breakfast On A Yacht


Kylie Jenner is living life at 22-years-old that not many will ever get the chance to experience. She’s also a billionaire which means her birthday celebrations have likely been far more lit than we could imagine. As you know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Kylie Jenner is a role model for young women across… Instagram? Nonetheless, she’s living her best life, with Travis Scott, as they spend their time in Italy. To kick things off, she shared several photos on Instagram, one of them include her breakfast options this morning which include pastries and fruit. Now, I’m not a Kardashian-Jenner, nor do I wear waist trainers, but I do think that fruit and pastries are quite a humble start for the day, especially for a billionaire. But, I’m also not a billionaire, clearly, so what do I know about what rich people eat?

The slew of photos also included Kylie’s location. Word on road is that she’s spending her 22nd birthday on a $250M yacht. On top of that, she’s enjoying pina coladas, colorful balloons, and most importantly, a brand new chain that she was gifted form Travis Scott. The rapper blessed her with an iced out that that included a modified and drippy version of Kylie Cosmetic logo. She also shared a photo of herself on the deck of the boat and needless to say, it’s lit.

Peep the photos below.