Kyler Murray Teases Fans With IG Photo In His Oakland A’s Jersey


Kyler Murray is a multisport athlete that was recently drafted by the Arizona Cardinals first overall in the NFL Draft. Murray has made it clear to everyone that he is fully committed to football and that despite being drafted by the Oakland A’s of Major League Baseball, he won’t be playing baseball. The A’s offered Murray a lot of money to change his mind but it’s clear that the quarterback is more focused on being great in the sport he loves the most.

The MLB draft started last night and Murray took to Instagram to congratulate everyone who had been drafted. What was curious about his post was the fact that his photo showed him wearing his green and gold Oakland jersey which at first, could have been misconstrued as him making a return to baseball. Murray quickly fanned those flames with the hashtags #JustAPic and #NoNeedForTheSpeculation.

“Congrats to everyone who got drafted today,” Murray wrote. In 2018, Murray was the ninth overall pick in the draft which just shows how talented he is. Many people believed Murray should have chosen baseball over football due to his height, although A’s fans will have to dream at this point.

Murray is poised for an interesting career in the NFL, to say the least.