Kyle Kuzma Reveals LeBron James Is More Motivated Than Ever Before


LeBron James and his abilities as a basketball player have been under attack as of late thanks to the fact that the Los Angeles Lakers were unable to make the playoffs under his leadership. Some people feel as though LeBron is more focused on movies and outlets other than basketball, which has led to less than stellar performances on the court. To say this though is to ignore the fact that LeBron was still putting up high averages last season. The Lakers simply weren’t that good and suffered numerous injuries throughout the season. Regardless, James has come under fire and now he’s starting to clap back.

His teammate, Kyle Kuzma, recently spoke to Cari Champion of ESPN about some of the recent comments thrown LeBron’s way. As Kuzma explained, James is excited to prove these people wrong and that he’s actually working harder than ever.

Kyle Kuzma Reveals LeBron James Is More Motivated Than Ever Before

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

“This offseason, you see just, people slandering his name and saying this about him, saying that,” Kuzma said. “But you know, he’s been super motivated this offseason working, between shooting movies he’s in the gym. He’s in the gym early, night, whatever. So just being locked in. That’s the biggest thing … being ready for it all.”

If this is the case, the league will need to watch out next season as LeBron will be coming with some fire. Not to mention, he will have Anthony Davis next to him through all of it.