Kygo Releases ‘Higher Love’ Featuring First Whitney Houston Vocals Since 2009: Listen


Kygo has released a new song featuring posthumous vocals from one of the world's most beloved and successful musical icons. 

The Norwegian dance-pop crossover put his signature island-vacation sound to Whitney Houston's cover of the 1986 Steve Winwood hit "Higher Love." It's an instant reminder of Houston's brilliance, and it's the Houston estate's hope that this brings a love of her powerful performance into the hearts of a new generation.

“We knew Kygo would be the right producer to enhance Whitney’s powerful vocal performance on ‘Higher Love' to the standards and expectations that Whitney’s fans have recognized for over three decades," the singer's sisiter-in-law Pat Houston is quoted in a press release. "The resurgence of this precious archival performance will carry Whitney’s musical legacy on to a younger generation for years to come. Everyone should be ready to dance to this uplifting and inspiring record - a testament to Kygo’s incredible talent, and a reminder of why we fell in love with Whitney from the very beginning."

"I got it in my inbox, and I had the same reaction as you," Kygo later told Apple Music's Zane Lowe. "Whitney Houston, is this a joke? I saw the email about if I could make this work, and I ran to my studio and tried to produce around this amazing vocal. This is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is a collaboration I never thought was gonna happen, so I just thought I had to put all my effort into this and make it as good as I can."

Kygo and Houston's collaboration of sorts is out now on RCA Records.

Listen to it below.