Kygo feat. Miguel ‘Remind Me to Forget’


Kygo and Miguel remind listeners their connection. After coming through and chilling with J. Cole, Miguel joins Kygo for “Remind Me to Forget.”

The new video begins with a calm Miguel, reclining inside a dilapidated, dimly-lit room. Soon, a water droplet hits the ground, followed by more destruction inside the room. Shrapnel bits fly around while a ballet dancer performs beside Miguel.

As the room shatters to pieces, Miguel sings about how his ex left her mark. Meanwhile, the ballet dancer does just that with every step. Meanwhile, destruction scatters around, as glass shatters, chandeliers fall, and walls crumble. Kygo enters the picture, playing a piano in the midst chaos.

Just last week, Miguel performed “Come Through and Chill” on “The Tonight Show.” A week before that, he dropped the J. Cole-assisted video.

Kygo and Miguel will join forces once again when they perform “Remind Me to Forget” on “The Tonight Show” on May 14.

  • Kygo feat. Miguel  'Remind Me to Forget'