Kwame Brown Arrested For Weed Cookies And Other Edibles: Report


Stephen A. Smith’s favorite punching bag, Kwame Brown, will probably be told by the First Take host to “stay off the weed” since Brown was actually arrested and charged with felony possession of edible marijuana products and misdemeanor possession of less than one ounce of weed, according to TMZ Sports. The arrest was made last Saturday although the information surrounding the booking has only made its way to the public today. Brown made bond soon after and has since been released.

The arrest happened after the 37-year-old former NBA player was in the passenger seat of a car that was pulled over by police. Brown admitted to having weed in the car and even admitted to their being more in the trunk. When police went to go inspect the car, they found weed cookies as well as pot-infused teas and mints. That’s when police arrested the former first overall pick.

According to the report, Brown’s height of 7’0″ proved to be a hindrance for police who had to wait on a bigger vehicle in order to bring Brown to the station. 

While Brown has been out of the league for a while now, it will be interesting to see if Stephen A. has anything funny to say about the whole ordeal.