Kristian Nairn Was Not a Fan of Ed Sheeran's 'Game of Thrones' Cameo


Ed Sheeran made a cameo on the season 7 premiere Game Thrones last summer, but not everyone was here for the singer's appearance.

The cameo especially rubbed actor Kristian Nairn (who portrays Hodor​ on the show) the wrong way, as he expressed in a June 26 interview.

“I’m not a fan the cameos in Game Thrones. I don’t like them. I think it’s stupid,” he told Huffington Post. “I don’t mind going on the record on that. I just think it takes you right out the world.”

Regarding Sheeran’s specific cameo, the star said, “I mean, Ed Sheeran’s great. He’s a great guy, great musician, but why is he in Game Thrones?…It’s a fantasy show. We’re all caught in this amazing world and spend so much time and money and talent to create, and all a sudden there’s a pop star? What?”

Sheeran plays a Lannister soldier in the episode, and although fans might expect Arya (Maise Williams) to kill his characters without hesitation, instead, she lets him sit down to sing a song. “It’s a new one,” he says.

Fans took the opportunity to mock the show on social media; you can see some the tweets and watch Sheeran's cameo below.