Kristen Wiig Being Eyed For "Wonder Woman" Villain, Report


2017’s Wonder Woman proved that women could be powerful protagonists and lead a movie to success. Gal Gadot’s portrayal the titular character was inspiring, and became a role model to look up to for a new generation. The film was also directed by rising director, Patty Jenkins. Adding to this women-led initiative, there are reports that Kristen Wiig may be in talks for a role in Wonder Woman 2.

It’s believed that the former Saturday Night Live cast member will be turning over to the dark side as Wonder Woman’s antagonist, Cheetah. Cheetah once led the life British archaeologist, Dr. Barbara Minerva who was blessed with the powers a cheetah god during an expedition. Superhero film adaptations are known to divert from the source material at times, so it is unknown whether this origin story will stay intact.

Wonder Woman can be considered the most acclaimed film in the DC Extended Universe film series. Previous installments the DCEU – Man SteelBatman v Superman: Dawn Justice, and Suicide Squad – have been met with mixed to harsh reviews. With fans excited for Wonder Woman 2, the casting choice their villain will be crucial.