Krazy’s Rise Continues with Fire New Release “Smoke”


New Orleans-based rapper Krazy has just released fire new track “Smoke”. Growing up in the projects, Krazy’s talent was discovered at a young age when CEO of Hardhead Records, Rodrick Smith, showed up at his door offering him a record deal. Word of mouth had spread around the neighbourhood about his impressive talent for creating rhythms landing him this incredible opportunity to pursue his passion and get out of the projects. From this point forward, Krazy was picked up by labels, unleashed multiple albums and singles and has grown as an artist to know exactly what he wants to bring to the rap game. This self-assuredness can be heard in his tracks which give off an undeniable swag and confidence.

“Smoke” is a track about settling the score and handling beef on the streets. With this banger, the score’s definitely been settled in Krazy’s favour who will no doubt continue his rise to the top with the track. Keep an eye out for Krazy’s upcoming projects which include The Black American album and a host of singles dropping monthly by following the rapper on Instagram.