Kool Kat muses on several social issues on "Mentality"


London-based Danish artist/producer Kool Kat shares her thoughts on life in general on her newest record “Mentality”. The self-produced song is a nice blend of RnB, pop, hip-hop and neo-soul but her vocal style has a soothing soulful vibe reminiscent of luminaries such as Jill Scott, Erykah Badu et al. Her expressive lyrics touch on how our lives are presented in this social media era where people are eternally consumed by the alluring virtual life.

She also offers some insight into the song as follows “…While the song is aimed at men, there’s a message for women, too: “I want my music to provoke people to reflect on their actions and demystify the lies that surround the truth of our everyday lives…”. “Mentality” is Kool Kat’s second single with the first being  “Hermetic Beauty”, which was released in February 2018.


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