Kodak Black Sings Keyshia Cole In The Shower & Shares Dental Surgery For Permanent Gold Caps


The one thing fans can count on from Kodak Black is comedy, even during a time when he’s facing a number of uphill legal battles. The Florida rapper recently hopped on social media to showcase his vocals by sharing a video of himself in the shower as he belted out Keyshia Cole‘s 2005 The Way It Is hit single, “Love.”

The rapper was all smiles in the clip, thankfully only showing himself from the shoulders up. Fans are happy to see Kodak in good spirits, especially following recent reports that while he was on stage during his concert in Washington, D.C., his tour buses were being raided by the authorities. The reports also stated that firearms were located and members of his entourage were arrested, only to later be released.

After Kodak and friends were stopped and arrested at the United States-Canada border, the rapper’s legal troubles continued to increase. He also looks forward to his sexual assault case in South Carolina, a trial that his lawyers are trying to get delayed.

Meanwhile, Kodak shared an intimate moment with his dental hygienist on social media, including clips of himself getting his gold teeth permanently fixtured into his mouth once again. “I Been Doing This Sh*t,” he wrote in the caption of the video showing him undergoing dental surgery. “No Pull Outs All My Teeth Be Permanent !! This My 4th Set Catch Up.”