Kodak Black Gives Overzealous Fan Temporary Face Tattoo


He may have legal cases haunting him, but Kodak Black always has time to show his fans some love. The rapper was recently granted a release from a Miami prison on $550,000 bond with house arrest after he was taken into custody for falsifying his gun applications. Kodak made sure that he let the world know his fans mean the world to him and no matter how many run-ins with the law he has, “The Real Love Will Never Die.”

The rapper shared a video on his Instagram page of an interaction he had with a female fan. In it, the pair look to be backstage at a show as she makes a request for Kodak to tattoo a cross in the middle of her forehead to match his. Initially, she tells him that her next tattoo will be her “third eye,” but the rapper asks his entourage, “Where the tattoo man at?” setting everything into motion. “Even if you put it with a marker right now I’d get that sh*t,” she says before a sharpie magically appears.

She then starts her one-person chant of “get that marker playboy” while attempting to back that thang up on the rapper. Her nervously dances with her while making sure he keeps a safe distance. She receives her temporary ink and then happy fan hugs Kodak and wraps her leg around him. She once again throws her backside his way while saying “We gon’ get that after party” as he laughs. She even lifted up her short skirt to show him what she’s working with. It may have been awkward for everyone else, but she was having the time of her life.