Knicks Rookie RJ Barrett Finally Has His NBA 2K20 Rating Unveiled


If you’re an NBA player, there is only one thing that matters more than winning an NBA Championship and securing your spot amongst the league’s best. Everyone knows that your NBA 2K rating is what will make or break your career, especially if you’re a rookie. Of course, I’m being sarcastic but there is something to say about the stock that is put into these ratings by the fans and the players alike. Over the past few weeks, 2K Games has been slowly but surely revealing the ratings for all of the players in the league and today, it was Knicks rookie RJ Barrett’s turn to be rated.

Just a couple of weeks ago, his Duke Blue Devils teammate, Zion Williamson, received a rating of 81. Zion was the first overall pick in the draft, while Barrett was the third pick so it only makes sense that RJ scored a few points lower. In the end, Barrett was given an overall rating of 78 which is still pretty good for an unproven rookie.

Barrett will be a bright spot on a Knicks team that has had to suffer from terrible results on the court for a better part of a decade. Fans will be excited to see Barrett on the court of Madison Square Garden once the season starts in October.

Whether or not he can live up to the hype still remains to be seen.