Klay Thompson’s Mom Still Buys Most Of His Clothes For Him


When you think of some of the most stylish players in the NBA, Klay Thompson is probably one of the last people you think of. The Warriors guard can typically be seen wearing some jeans with a basic t-shirt and maybe a bomber jacket thrown into the mix if he’s feeling a little spicy that day. There is nothing wrong with having your own sense of style because at the end of the day, how we dress is simply an extension of ourselves. If Klay feels more comfortable like this, we should embrace it. Although when you find out that Thompson’s outfits have been purchased by his mom, it adds an overwhelming sense of hilarity to the situation.

During an interview with ESPN, Thompson was asked about his sense of style where he revealed that his mother is still helping him but clothes alongside the wife of one of his teammates.

“My mom and [Andre Iguodala’s] wife go shopping together for us,” Thompson said. “They have good senses of style.” The guard also explained that he’s into high-fashion brands such as Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton.

As far as Thompson’s process when it comes to choosing an outfit, he likes to go for a more utilitarian approach. “I either set it out the night before, or I decide quickly after my pregame nap,” he explained. 

Thompson and his outfits can be seen next week as of May 30th when the Golden State Warriors play in the NBA Finals.