Kip Moore Says Lighthearted New Single ‘She’s Mine’ Always ‘Felt Like a Hit Record’: Exclusive


The singer-songwriter wrote the song over 10 years ago and it serves as the lead track from his forthcoming fourth studio album.

Kip Moore wrote his new single “She’s Mine,” out today (Aug. 9), ten years ago with longtime collaborators Dan Couch and Scott Stepakoff. The lead track off his forthcoming fourth studio album, “She’s Mine” was almost released as the first single from 2015’s Wild Ones but he couldn’t get the production right.

“We just missed the mark when we tracked it the first time for Wild Ones,” he tells Billboard over the phone from his home in Nashville. “It was too slick and didn't capture the energy like I wanted it to or even the sentiment of the song … I wasn't willing to put it out with the way that it was.”

The Georgia native began playing the song one night in the dressing room a year ago and says his band lit up upon hearing “She’s Mine” and remembering how to play it from over a decade ago. They started rehearsing it the next several days in soundcheck before Moore figured out how he wanted to track the song.

“The song always felt like a hit record to me. It always put me a good mood. It's definitely one of the most lighthearted tracks on this new record,” he says of his upcoming project, due out early 2020. “This new record’s going to have a lot of meat to it.”

Moore says the idea for the song took shape when he was in his late 20s and spending a lot of time on the road as a touring musician. His former guitarist, Dave Lapsley, who was already married, would joke about Moore being a single man.

“He was like, ‘We're going to be traveling the world and you never know, that might be your wife right there.’ It was the waitress behind the counter. Then we'd walk out of the door and a redhead walked by and he said, ‘That might be her, too.' The next person walked by and we were just laughing about it,” he recalls. “That's kind of what my life had become as far as restaurants, food, entertainment, jumping on bulls in Costa Rica. My life just completely flipped upside down and I had no idea where anything was going [or] what it's going to look like and how it's going to be. That's why I ended up going to write that song, it was after those conversations that day.”

Alongside shimmering guitar parts, a rollicking beat and his yearning vocals, "She's Mine" has Moore looking for a love that he’s not quite sure where to find. One line that remains true for him today is found in the song’s second verse where he sings, “Life, is a crazy ride isn’t it/ I’m loving every minute.”

“I can write a lot of heavy stuff and it's nice to have that lighthearted thing that just makes you feel good sometimes,” he says.

Moore serves as sole producer on the song and will be producing the upcoming album himself as well. He hints that there “might” be a collaboration on the project and has been working with the same co-writers as previous projects, but remains guarded about revealing too much more.

“I believe that you're definitely going to see another step of growth on this record. Not only musically, but me as a human … There’s a lot of weight on a lot of these songs. There’s a lot of trying to figure out where you fit in this life as far as your faith and God and love and all these things. I think there’s a lot of heavy weight throughout this record.”

“She’s Mine,” remains a track that he and his band enjoy playing and will begin to perform more on his upcoming Bud Light Dive Bar Tour and Room to Spare Acoustic Tour.

Listen to "She's Mine" below.