Kings Announce Results Of Luke Walton Sexual Assault Investigation


The Sacramento Kings and the NBA have announced the conclusion of their investigation into sexual assault allegations made by Kelli Tennant against head coach Luke Walton.

According to the Kings press release, Tennant did not to participate in the investigation. As a result of her unwillingness to cooperate, and the available evidence, the investigators determined that there was not a sufficient basis to support the allegations made against Walton.

“During the investigation, more than twenty individuals were interviewed, including Coach Walton, and numerous documents and other relevant materials were reviewed. The investigators made repeated attempts to interview Ms. Tennant, but, through her counsel, she declined the opportunity to participate. The investigation is considered closed unless new evidence becomes available.”

Tennant, a former Spectrum SportsNet LA host, filed a lawsuit against Walton for assault, battery, sexual assault and sexual battery, alleging that he forced himself onto her in his hotel room back in 2014. Tennant had told the media, “I thought he was going to rape me.”

The Kings reportedly had no knowledge of the allegations before hiring Walton as their next head coach – but they promptly launched their own investigation alongside the NBA after the story surfaced.