King Princess Proudly Unleashes ‘The Anthem For Bottoms Everywhere’: Listen


Rising pop star Mikaela Straus, better known as King Princess, has always made her point of view known as a queer woman. But on her newest track, she's taking that representation to a new level.

On Thursday (Oct. 3), the singer revealed her new single "Hit the Back," a song that she described on Twitter as "the anthem for bottoms everywhere."

Starting off with a simple piano melody as the star sings, the song quickly picks up into a lusty, dance-filled bop about, well, bottoming. "And ain't I the best you had?/ And I'll let you throw it down/ Hit the back," she sings. 

Along with offering it up as a soundtrack for those looking to receive, Straus also made it clear on Twitter that she wants fans to get up and dance with her when she performs it live. Posting two videos with her friend and collaborator Henry Metcalf, Straus is seen performing her very own dance routine to the new song, instructing fans to "start learning this routine girls. We’re dancing in Texas" (referring to her upcoming shows in Dallas, Houston and Austin). 

"Hit the Back" is the latest single off of KP's hotly-anticipated debut album Cheap Queen, due out later this month. In a recent interview with Billboard, the star opened up on how she brought her first full-length project to life. “I was dealing with the most vulnerable year of my life," she said. “Something with the mixture of the year just being complete stress and anxiety, and not knowing what to do with myself or with my body, and then also being in love — that’s really what made the album happen.” 

Check out King Princess's new song "Hit the Back" — and her excelent dance routine to it — below: