Kimbra Takes Fans Behind Her Mixing Techniques For New Song ‘Secret Tapes’


Kimbra released her album Primal Heart in 2018, and now she’s ready to reveal a new song, “Secret Tapes," which was originally meant for the record.

"Secret Tapes" will be released tomorrow (Oct. 17), but first, she's taking fans inside her creative process.

The New Zealand singer first paired up with Rachel Alix, a sound designer who helped mix the track with Kimbra using iZotope’s latest software plugin Neutron 3.

“It’s a song that actually was in the running for my last album Primal Heart. I was going through the archives, and I felt like releasing something new while I’m preparing for my fourth album,” Kimbra says in an explainer video from iZotope. “And it’s a banger, it’s the more aggressive track of all the Primal Heart songs, and I wrote it with another New York songwriter, amazing artist called Tōth.”

What began acoustically on the guitar morphed into a rock production that further stresses the mystery behind the music. The concept behind “Secret Tapes” is about these nonstop “disruptive and non-conventional” tapes in her head that conserve their covert ambience.

As she unpacked the predominant synth bass and electric bass with the “bratty, obnoxious” background vocals supporting the “very cool and refined” lead vocal, Kimbra directly showed fans her iZotope workspace from her laptop to give off the feeling they’re mixing right there with her and Alix.  

The snippets of “Secret Tapes” heard throughout the 28-minute video show off the masterfully layered production of the track paired with its invigorating lyrics. “They won’t let me go. They won’t let me rest in peace. Are you my endorphin or my enemy?” she sings.

The song will be released as a high-quality .wav file on Patreon, a membership platform where artists can directly connect to their fans. Kimbra also plans to launch her official fanclub on the website.

Watch her mess around with “Secret Tapes” below.