Kim Petras Talks Lady Gaga, Troye Sivan, New Music & More at Hot 100 Fest: Watch


Billboard’s Chelsea Briggs sat down with Kim Petras on Saturday (Aug. 18) at the Hot 100 Festival to discuss her rising success, new music, her upcoming tour with Troye Sivan and her love Lady Gaga.

Speaking about her success as a musician, Petras tells Billboard, “It’s stuff that I’ve dreamed about for years and years. I’ve been working on this since I was like 14, so 10 years ago I started this journey… now finally I get to put out my songs and have people sing them back.”

Asked what she wants people to take away from her music, the singer shares that she wants her songs to help people forget about their problems and have fun. “I think pop music, for me as a kid, I hated school and ran home to watch Britney Spears videos,” she says. “I just felt like I could forget about the stuff I didn’t like about my life and listen to pop music and escape.”

Teasing new music, Petras notes that she’s working with SOPHIE and has a “bunch songs ready,” but she’s still busy promoting her single “Heart to Break” and wants to focus on making it “the biggest single it can possibly be.”

“I want to drop an album,” she continues, “but I’m kind dropping a lot surprise projects. I’m writing more with this guy Lil Aaron and Baby E and just my friends and I’m having fun in the studio. I feel like I’ve beat writer’s block. For half a year I’ve had terrible writer’s block and then I wrote like five songs the other week and it was great.”

Petras also chats about her upcoming tour with Troye Sivan, stating that she is “so hyped” about it. Asked if they might collaborate on music together in the future, she says that she hopes so, adding that he is an “amazing artist and writer.”

In the interview, Petras talks about her love Lady Gaga, as well, in honor the tenth anniversary her album The Fame. “I’ve listened to that record a thousand times,” she says. “I think that’s my favorite Gaga record. I’m obsessed with that. I just remember stanning her super, super hard. Crazy that that’s 10 years old!”

You can hear much more from Kim Petras — including why she really wants to work with Cher one day — in the video interview above.


Kim Petras Talks Lady Gaga, Troye Sivan, New Music & More at Hot 100 Fest: Watch