Kim K’s Photographer, Marcus Hyde, Is Being Accused Of Bribing Models For Nudes


We all know this industry can be a very dirty one, especially when it comes to men in power trying to leverage their connections and abilities to incentivize women to engage in sexual activity with them. This has been going on for years, but has especially come to light in the past year and a half, with the #metoo movement exposing a ton of big names like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, and subsequently ending their careers. Instagram user @dietprada has made it their mission, to not only expose fashion copycats, but also call out more lowkey names that are still trying their luck in getting away with such treacherous acts, and his latest victim is none other than Kim K and Ariana Grande‘s personal photographer, Marcus Hyde.

It started with one user, Los Angeles-based model Sunnaya, sending Diet Prada screenshots of the conversation she had had with Hyde in her DMS, whom she said she reached out to, after he posted an ad looking for models. In the messages, Hyde can be seen asking her for a nude photo, to which she responded she didn’t have any, but that she was “comfortable shooting lingerie and partial nudity.” In response to her decline for nude photos, Hyde informed her that it would cost $2,000, but that if she sent him nude photos ahead of time, the shoot would be free. “Gotta see if your worth it,” the response read. After a brief exchange whereby Hyde kept insisting he would only do it for free if a nude was involved, Sunnaya eventually replied “yeah you whack,” to which Hyde, 33, smugly responded with “find someone else. I’ll keep shooting celebs.” Sunnaya’s friends and followers backed her up by reposting the alleged exchange, which ultimately caused Hyde to allegedly respond to one fan, telling her, “Suck a fat big d–k.” After that, a shit storm pretty much opened up, with tons of women sending Diet Prada screenshots and detailed stories of similair experiences they had had with Hyde, with some even alleging that he had touched them inappropriately during a shoot, and Diet Prada just kept the shaming coming, reposting all said stories to out him completely. Following allegations, Hyde has made his Instagram account private. Hyde, survived a near-fatal car crash last year, and Kim and Kanye kindly donated $25,000 to help him with medical costs, with Kanye also inviting him to his Sunday Service performance at Coachella back in April. Ariana responded first, by posting on her Instagram story, followed up by Kim who did the same, both said they didn’t experience such things with the photographer but that it was gross he tried to do so with women who didn’t have the same power and had more to lose.