Kim Kardashian Takes Spelling Advice From Tyga


Everybody probably already knows that the Kardashian sisters are in Tokyo right now as they’ve posted numerous pictures to Instagram and any other social media platform that boasts millions followers. 

One Kim Kardashian‘s latest shares sees her posted up in a train station in the city  Kyoto. But previous to her current caption that reads, “Train ? Station in Kyoto ??,” the reality star accidentally spelled the city wrong, writing it as “Keyoto.” Thankfully though, her sister’s former beau, Tyga, hopped in her comment section to aide in her spelling mistake and said: “KYOTO*.”

Of course, this was an easy mistake for Tyga to spot since his albums latest title was Kyoto, so he’s very familiar with the city as a whole and the proper way to spell it. Kim then edited her caption and spelled it correctly – crisis averted. 

Kim recently blasted some haters who were telling her to step up her Instagram feed where she basically told them to unfollow if they weren’t with her curation.  “I post what I want, what makes me happy & what inspires me so if u aren’t content w the pics my kids, the photo shoots in motels & make up looks then unfollow me or maybe I should unfollow u because the negativity in my timeline is draining.”