Kim Kardashian Slams Haters Who Don't Like Her Content: "I Post What Makes Me Happy"


If you happen to follow Kim Kardashian on Instagram and you haven’t been into her posts new Yeezy wear, selfies, her make-up line and her children, but haven’t found your way to the ‘unfollow’ bottom then the reality star has a message for you. After Kim posted a photo a boujee car with the caption “I want this too….” a user by the name @noriwestsource commented saying, “Kim….please step up your Instagram game. No more filter. It’s 2018.”

Clearly, Kim took this comment a little personal as she clapped back with some #facts letting her Twitter users know that she’s posting to the Gram for her own reasons. 

“For the record my engagement is up,” she tweets. “I post what I want, what makes me happy & what inspires me so if u aren’t content w the pics my kids, the photo shoots in motels & make up looks then unfollow me or maybe I should unfollow u because the negativity in my timeline is draining.”

The Twitter user, @KimKWestPics who seemingly also runs @noriwestsource, has since deleted her Twitter account since Kim has put him or her publicly on blast. 

“I share & give a lot my life & it’s comments like yours that make me want to not post & share my life so I will add tons moreinspo pics just for u,” Kim adds. “And lastly on this subject I’m all good with opinions& criticism, I love everyone’s take on things & how I can improve but no one will tell me what to do. Or how to live my life especially what I post.”

Kim must have felt a little bad for her shaming the account as she followed up with one more message: