Kim Kardashian Shows Off Unreal Curves In Met Gala Versace Gown


Out anybody that flaunts their stuff on Instagram, Kim Kardashian has to be the queen that territory. She uses her social media accounts to perfection, showing f literally every inch her body for her millions followers to oggle over and continue to keep her name fresh in people’s minds. While her tactics have been critiqued by many, there is no doubt that Kim and her family have taken full advantage their platform, using every opportunity to advance their multiple brands. One the most anticipated arrivals at this year’s Met Gala, as always, was Kim Kardashian and although she appeared sans Kanye West, she had got the internet buzzing. 

The reality star posted a few shots her at the Met Gala, reminding everybody her flawless figure by accentuating every part her unbelievable hourglass body. Her Versace gown was dangerously low-cut and hugged her curves to ensure that she followed the “Heavenly Bodies” theme the event to a T. In one the posts, Kim revealed that she will be presented the Influencer award at the upcoming CFDA Fashion Awards on June 4 and it’s likely that she will wear yet another revealing outfit to remind us all just what she’s working with.

Out all the attendees this year’s Met Gala, who do you think was the best dressed?