Kim Kardashian Reportedly "Felt Sick" Sharing Delivery Room With Tristan Thompson


Yesterday had to have been an awkward day for the Kardashians with Tristan Thompson standing by his girlfriend Khloe as she gave birth to their daughter. This week, Tristan has been under fire with accusations him being a serial cheater erupting as he has reportedly been spotted kissing five different women during Khloe’s pregnancy. Spotted leaving the hospital after the birth his daughter, we can’t imagine it to have been a comfortable situation in the delivery room. With security cam footage as evidence and a posted-and-deleted sex tape, the future Khloe and Tristan’s relationship is up in the blue, and the Kardashian sisters allegedly had no interest in breathing the same air as him.

According to The Sun, Kim and Kourtney “felt sick” at the idea striking up conversation with the Cleveland Cavalier as Khloe went into labor. While they found his mere presence to be repulsive, they sucked it up as they agreed that unnecessary tension was not appropriate during such an important landmark in Khloe’s life. Giving birth to a healthy baby girl, Kim and Kourtney tellingly acted like nothing had happened in their attempt to create a stress-free environment, but insiders told The Sun that the pair were “sick” at the thought what Tristan may have done to their sister.

Khloe is expected to fly back to Los Angeles later tonight with her newborn baby, with a private jet waiting for her at the airport. Whether or not Tristan and Khloe stick together is yet to be determined.