Kim Kardashian Posts Throwback Picture Of Smiling Japan-Bound Kanye West


Kanye West’s life seemed to have played out like an RPG. The humble beginnings  The College Dropout, juggling shifts at the GAP with making five beats a day for three summers. Boss fights with 50 Cent during the Graduation mid-stage; two-headed monster Jay-Z & Beyonce during the final stages. All the while, aspiring toward the end-game Godlike ubiquity. All things considered, it seems if Kanye has managed to conquer the proverbial game. He’s currently one the biggest artists in the world, married to one the most famous women. Yet true Kanye Stans know the road has been long and arduous, full heartbreak, depression, and instability.

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It seems as if the sight a gleeful Kanye has gone the way his soul-sampled beats. In many recent photos, Mr. West appears pensive, deep in thought. The once carefree attitude has largely disappeared from his public persona. That’s not to say it’s gone entirely. It’s simply lying dormant. After all, he’s seen some shit. Therefore, it’s actually kind nice to see Kim Kardashian’s latest Throwback post. Taken on a plane, Kim’s pic finds Kanye busting out a smile, surrounded by various Japanese snacks and trinkets. 

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“Throwback to that time I surprised Kanye with a trip to Japan for his birthday!” writes Kim. “He had to guess where we were going based on the snacks and magazines I had the plane stocked with! He was happy!” Ah, the guessing games played by the rich and powerful.