Kids’ Choice Awards 2019: DJ Khaled Says Son Asahd Executive-Produced his ‘Best Album to Date’


“It’s coming, it’s close, it’s near.”

DJ Khaled was the host of this year's 2019 Kid Choice Awards, and It was a family affair for the songwriter/record producer, as he arrived on the orange carpet with his wife and son wearing matching vibrant outfits on Saturday night (March 23).

Before the show, DJ Khaled revealed to Billboard that his highly anticipated project, Father of Asahd, is being executive-produced by his 2-year-old son, Asahd Khaled.

"Father of Asahd is my best work up to date. My son is executive-producing it," Khaled told Billboard on the carpet. "Expect a lot of surprises. It’s coming, it’s close, it’s near."

This isn't baby Asahd's first time as an executive producer: when he was just 4-months-old, he was also credited as executive producer on both Khaled's 2017 album Grateful, and Jay-Z's and Beyonce's single, "Shining." Khaled explained that Asahd's creative contribution to the song included, well, typical baby behavior.

"Well, believe it or not, the poops and the throw-ups are the super-blessings," Khaled said on a 2017 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, explaining that Asahd threw-up on him while he was mixing "Shining."

Khaled says that Asahd's role as executive producer includes him providing input on the album through subtle gestures and expressions in the studio.

"He's in the studio listening to songs with me, going over the business part of it," DJ Khaled said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! "He can tell if the vocals are right, if the beats are right, if the energy is right."

Father of Asahd is set for a May 17 release.