Kid Cudi Reflects on the 10-Year Anniversary of His 'A Kid Named Cudi' Mixtape


Tuesday (July 17) marked ten years since the world was introduced to one this generation's most influential artists, Kid Cudi, with his classic A Kid Named Cudi mixtape. The Cleveland native took some time out to thank the collaborators who made the 16-track project possible and reflect on still being a prominent figure in hip-hop a decade later. 

"What a hell a journey so far. Still here creating, makin' what I love, all for you. Thank you to those who have been ridin' w me the whole way on this crazy trip. The mission has been the same all these years. I'm here because you," Cudi penned on Twitter shortly after midnight Wednesday (July 18). 

Cudi's strategic marketing plan took advantage a burgeoning digital platform online without having a major label behind him. His lyrical content also connected with the younger generation on an emotional level in an unprecedented fashion. The bond with his fans that formed a decade ago remains indestructible to this day. 

The 34-year-old went on to thank producer Dot da Genius, Emile Haynie, 10.Deep, and his manager at the time, Plain Pat. "Plain Pat my big brother, believed in me when no one else did. Was always a true friend first before anything. Was there for me when not many were. I love you Pat. I love you. Days I couldn't eat Pat would call me up and have me come out so he could buy me a meal," Cudi sincerely recalled.

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