Kid Cudi Pleads Innocence After Being Blamed For Steph Curry’s Scary Slip During NBA Game


Los Angeles, Ca – The stars were out in full force on Tuesday night (October 19) for the Los Angeles Lakers’ home opener at Staples Center against Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors.

Kid Cudi happened to be courtside in a turquoise Space Jam Tune Squad jersey and felt the wrath of social media when he was initially blamed for spilling a drink which caused Steph Curry to slip and tweak his knee. The incident caused him to trend on Twitter overnight.

Chef Curry got another contested corner three-pointer up late in the third quarter where he jumped backward into the crowd before taking the scary fall which collectively gave Warrior fans a heart attack.


“Kid Cudi almost being responsible for a Steph Curry broken ankle is not what I was expecting when I woke up today,” Complex‘s Speedy Mormon wrote.

Luckily for all parties involved, Curry managed to finish the game with a 20-point triple-double and help power the Warriors in the 121-114 comeback victory with just a tape job on the injured knee.

While he may have shown a guilty gaze on national television when employees cleaned up the wet surface in front of him, Kid Cudi denied any wrongdoing and blamed fans a few seats down from him for the spill.

“To Steph Curry. Im so sorry U slipped it wasnt me. Good game chancho,” he wrote. “These people a couple seats down from me. People kept walkin in it and it spread. Shit was everywhere. I put my drink under my seat off the floor to SPECIFICALLY avoid this situation. So yea. Thats the real.”

Watch another view of the fall below.