Khloe Kardashian & Tristan Thompson Spotted Together For First Time Since Scandal


It appears Tristan Thompson is in the clear with his cheating scandal, or at least Khloe doesn’t care anymore it looks like. On Friday, the two were spotted out in public together chatting and laughing with friends at TownHall restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio. However, their newborn baby, True, wasn’t with them.

The two hanging out together comes as a bit a surprise considering just last week sources said Khloe was “done” with Tristan. She was staying in Cleveland with the baby for the time being because Tristan was on the road for the NBA playfs and she didn’t want to deal with L.A. However that doesn’t look to be the truth and she looks to be happy with him, although she looks ridiculous staying with him.

It’s being reported that Khloe’s family isn’t as forgiving as she is. Sources say the family is outraged by the videos that surfaced just before the birth True, and they should be, but Khloe doesn’t seem to care. She’s out here looking like a fool with this man who’s cheated on her with multiple woman. 

Check out the clip TMZ captured the two at lunch on Friday afternoon and sound f in the comments. Is it a bad look for Khloe to stay with Tristan or nah?