Khloe Kardashian Eyes Kendall Jenner’s Booty With Blueface "Thotiana" Reference


Khloe Kardashian’s social media activity has been a little odd for the last few weeks. Ever since her breakup with Tristan Thompson, the reality star has been making some bizarre uploads, which is off-brand for the Kardashian family. First, Khloe angered fans with her “Love thy racist neighbor” post and then, she was picked apart for promoting flat tummy tea. Khloe is no stranger to a media-dragging, and while her most recent post likely won’t earn her any backlash, you’ve got to admit it’s a little strange (?).

Khloe Kardashian Eyes Kendall Jenner's Booty With Blueface "Thotiana" Reference
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Kardashian popped up on Instagram to sing her sister’s praises. However, she wasn’t saying that her supermodel sis Kendall Jenner has good business sense or anything of the sort. Instead, she decided to swoon over her ass. Using Blueface’s hit song “Thotiana” in her caption, Khloe decided to make a tribute post to Kendall’s booty, which gets far less love than the other sisters. We all know about Kim’s gigantic derriere and her sisters are right up there with her. If there’s anybody that stands out from the bunch though, it’s Kendall for her petite figure. For some reason, Khloe had a photo of Kendall’s butt stashed away on her phone and she decided to share it with the world to boost Kenny’s self-esteem. “Kenny, I LOVE YOUR BOOTY!!” wrote the star.

Which Kardashian is your favorite? Or do you despise all of them equally?