KFC’s Plant-Based Beyond Meat Fried Chicken Sold Out In Hours


The fried chicken game got a bit greener and it seems that KFC just found their latest flex. With the rise of veganism in North American diets, KFC partnered with Beyond Meat for their new twist on their classic fried chicken. KFC announced that they’d be testing out their new product at an Atlanta location. Much like Popeyes new chicken sandwich, it appears that KFC didn’t predict the type of response they’d be getting.

The Beyond Fried Chicken seems to be a hit in the ATL. According to Engadget, the KFC location that tested out their Beyond Friend Chicken product was sold out on Aug. 27th within five hours. Lined reportedly “wrapped around the restaurant” since the store opened up. Apparently, within those five hours, they sold just as much meatless fried chicken as they do popcorn chicken in a week. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that KFC will officially add the item on their menu but it’s a good indication. What they need to ultimately find out is whether people want to come back for it. However, it seems likely that is the case. Beyond Meat has already built a great reputation outside of the fast-food world but they’ve yet to dabble into poultry. The partnership between the two companies could end up working out pretty well given the curiosity surrounding the product already.