KFC Swaps Colonel Sanders With Wife Claudia For International Women's Day


Today is International Women’s Day, which guarantees that a bevy high-prile corporations and media personalities will be showing their support for women’s rights in any way they can. McDonald’s has slightly altered their iconic golden arches, flipping them upside-down on social media to show their solidarity with today’s celebratory efforts. 

Joining McDonald’s is KFC, whose Malaysian restaurants have elevated the ten neglected influence  Claudia Sanders, the wife the fast food chain’s iconic spokesman, Colonel Sanders. The company has swapped out images Colonel with Claudia as a way to commemorate the social, economic, political and cultural achievements women. 

A spokesperson for the fast food chain admits that “it is hard to imagine but KFC would not be where it is today if not for Claudia, wife Colonel Sanders,” recognizing her influence in all aspects the company. Mrs. Sanders is responsible for mixing, packaging and shipping out the beloved secret recipe spices and herbs that give their chicken its delectable flavour. 

Earlier this year, KFC announced that they would be bringing forth a female Colonel Sanders for the first time, tapping country singer Reba McIntyre to hawk their Smokey Mountain BBQ fried chicken in a new campaign.