Keyshia Cole Announces Details For Her Mother’s Homegoing Service


Frankie Lons, the mother of R&B singer Keyshia Cole, passed away in July. In her latest update, Keyshia Cole has revealed the homecoming celebration details, scheduled for Oakland this Saturday.

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The celebration of life will be at Greater St. John Missionary Baptist Church on Market Street in Oakland, California.

“There will be a dove and butterfly release directly after service if u guys want to come participate,” Cole wrote. “Also please send my sis @elitenotel your get well wishes please covid prolonged this service, but my mothers wish was to hvae all her children ine one place at one time!!!!”


TMZ reports Frankie passed away from an overdose at her home in Oakland. Keyshia Cole’s brother Sam revealed she took drugs while partying on her birthday, relapsing on her recovery and leading to the overdose.