Kevin Spacey Accuser Provides Text Messages From Night Of Incident


In an update to the ongoing case against Kevin Spacey, the, then-teen, accuser has provided texts made to his girlfriend from the night of the incident. A court filing made public on Thursday has revealed that the accuser had been texting updates to his girlfriend throughout the night.

“He’s grabbing my leg and s–t,” the boy wrote at one point, “Help me,” reads another. The night began as a seemingly innocuous celebrity run-in, with the girlfriend messaging earlier “Plz take a selfie with him at some point.” but as the night goes on, the texts reveal an uncomfortable turn.

Eventually, the messages reach a point where the boy writes, “He’s buying me another drink,” “He’s gotten me so many,” and “I’m drunk.” The chain is finally interrupted by “He grabbed my d–k.”

Kevin Spacey Accuser Provides Text Messages From Night Of Incident
Scott Eisen/Getty Images

The girlfriend’s reaction can be summed up by one of her messages, “What the f–k is happening.”

Spacey’s defensive team has responded by noting that only one of the text messages was time stamped and claiming the advances were not unwelcome, stating the accuser “never uses any language to indicate the interaction was unwelcome.”

The defense has also requested the cell-phone be presented for forensic examination, but accuser’s lawyer has said the phone is missing.

Spacey was charged with indecent assault and battery for allegedly groping the, then eighteen-year-old busboy in July of 2016. As an alleged sexual assault victim, outlets are not reporting the accuser’s name.