Kevin Hart’s Ex-Friend Cleared Of Sex Tape Extortion Charges


 Jonathan “JT” Jackson, the actor, comedian and former friend of Kevin Hart has had charges of alleged extortion dropped against him.

It was on Friday that the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office filed to dismiss a felony extortion charge in relation to the 2017 tape scandal that plagued Hart. The Wrap reported that it was insufficient evidence of Jackson’s alleged plot to extort Hart with a threatening letter due to to the fact that he did not directly address Hart in his monetary demands.

Kevin Hart's Ex-Friend Cleared Of Sex Tape Extortion Charges

Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Jackson, who was originally facing up to four years in jail, was booked last year when it was revealed that Jackson was attempting to leverage his access to the tape for millions of dollars, even making a trailer of the film and sliding into Kevin Hart’s comment section on Instagram writing, “give me $5 million or I’m releasing the tape.”

This comment was the text in question with this charge and though it has been dropped, Jackson still faces two felony counts of unauthorized use of personal identifying information and one felony count of attempted concealing and selling of stolen property.

As for Hart, he is currently recovering after a near-fatal car crash earlier in the month.