Kevin Hart Tells Starbucks To "Make This Right" After Black Men Were Arrested


Two black men were arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks last week after asking to use the bathroom. Many Starbucks, and other shops, require people to enter a code to unlock their bathrooms. The manager at the Starbucks in Philadelphia refused to give the men the code, and stated that only paying customers could use the restrooms. 

The two men then proceeded to wait at the Starbucks for their friend to arrive, but the manager wasn’t pleased with the fact that they didn’t purchase anything. The manager then called the police, claiming the men were trespassing. The situation was completely unacceptable, and Kevin Hart made it known on Twitter. 

The talented comedian took to Twitter to call out Starbucks, which is facing a mountain  backlash from activist groups and entertainers in the city and across the nation. “Message to the @Starbucks in Philadelphia….Our city is shining bright like a diamond right now,” stated Hart. Between his success, the success several sports teams in the city, and a growing arts scene, Philadelphia is experiencing somewhat a cultural renaissance. This situation is definitely a dark spot on the historic and beautiful city. “Please make this situation right. I repeat please make this situation right!!!!!!! Once again MAKE THIS RIGHT,” continued the comedian.

Hart didn’t stop there though. “@Starbucks in Philadelphia I have watched the video and do not see these to sic] young men doing anything wrong,” he wrote in another tweet. “Unless there is footage that shows otherwise you need to do what’s right and handle the manager that was on duty accordingly.”